Finding the Pony.

The quick, abbreviated story that was told to me, goes like this…

“Two princesses are being looked at as a successor to their Queen mother. Only one is allowed to do the job. The mom places each princess into a room that has a pile of shit. They are left there to figure out the problem. Upon return, one princess is crying. The Queen mother asks why she cries. She responds that, her mother has placed her in a pile of shit, and how could she do that? The Queen, saddened by the sight, leaves her to exit the room. She goes to the next room. As she opens the door, there is shit flying everywhere! She calls to her Princess daughter. When the shit settles, she asks her daughter what it is she’s doing? With delight in her eye and excitement in her voice, she responds “if there is this much shit, something got it here… so I’m trying to find the Pony!”

So, I ask you all this: Do you know your worth? Do you all know that you have the power within you to “find the pony”? I’ve only truly understood my worth after being laid off a second time in my life. The first time, I was laid off with a team of people. This meant we were all in it together. This time however, no one else but me was let go. This was me “being buried by shit”. Yes. I sat on that pile for a good solid month. As I sat on that pile- it got hot, and I sank hard. Like, really hard. The smell though… it got to me. As I tried to dig my way out, I began the shift. I began to look for the pony. What I discovered, is because of my values and solid sense of being with people… is that I myself can actually be the pony. I am good at my job and all the things I do. Why? Because I do it all with passion, curiosity and faith. So, I discovered that, right now, I’m the pony.

Me! I’m the fuckin’ (sorry for the swear word- but it truly needs emphasis) pony! I’m the good thing. I’m the thing that can make life astonishingly super. If I think darkly, or hold on to anger, or self pity… I fail to see the beauty that surrounds me. I’m hard working, I’m dedicated, I’m caring, and damn! I’m funny!

<knock knock… who’s there? Spell. Spell who…. W-H-O! > baaaahahaha. See? Hilarious!

As I return to the question… do you know your worth? Do you know that as an individual… because each person is unique- you are a frickin’ pony! Ponies are cute, but majestic. Every kid wants a pony because of the unique brilliance they have. You have the power to be majestic, smart, supportive and adventurous in life.

Whatever pile of crap you’re in right now, dig down deep and find that inner pony. Once you do- hop on aboard and ride out in grace and style. You’ve all got it in you.

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