Thankful heart.

We find excuses. But what do excuses do? They simply make life complicated and tiring.

Each fall, as the leaves change and let go from their source, we simply clean them up. The trees say nothing; they don’t apologize, they don’t make excuses. They simply stand- naked before us in humble majestic strength. They are about to face the torments of nature.

With nothing left to give, they wait.  Comfortable in the silence.

I have been challenged by someone very inspiring to me. The challenge was, to make no excuses or reasons  when given a compliment, or a gift. She challenged me to simply say, “thank you”. It’s been a week. A painful week of catching myself, and biting my tongue. A week of trying to just be simple, and accept. As the week progressed, it became easier.

I once thought that I was a failure. But, with this challenge that she offered up to me, I am suddenly hearing kind things. These kind things are being taken in, and meditated on. I am in the beginning phase of ending the cycled thoughts of  “oh, well I guess I was just lucky this time because…, but I’m sure next time will be horrible…” and saying instead, a simple “Thank you”. With no excuse, no apology, no retort; I hear their words. I feel the pride. I am feeling the calm.  Who cares if next time it all goes to shit? That’s for next time!

Acceptance of what happens, who you are, and how your leaves fall is a magical gift. Thanksgiving food, family, friends and best of all- life.

Thank you.

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