A writing of thoughts on a day to remember…

November 11th. The day we need to remember. We remember all those who fought in wars, all those who died in wars and all those who sacrificed their ‘timeline of life” so that we could live a long and wondrous one. A life that matches the timeline we were intended to.

But, then, we think of that statement… and if you get into faith, you think… that was their intended timeline- that was their path. Thanks to them, and their purpose in life; we live longer. But we will never know for sure, and so we need to remember. It is essential to remember.

In my own faith, all I can say is God bless them.

But this year is an interesting year. 2016. The year we lost David Bowie, Prince, Muhammed Ali, Gene Wilder and my latest heartbreak…Leonard Cohen. So, you may ask how can I tie these moments together? I’m not going to tie them together. But I will talk about how crappy this week has been. I will talk about how all these people have gone… and how we may be easily forgetting their promotion of life and their efforts in pulling humanity together. Just as those who sacrificed their lives, did. We are forgetting unity of the one race- The HUMAN RACE.

Neither for Trump, nor for Clinton; I, as a human being who has seen some good fights for freedom and equality in her short lifetime, was saddened by this week’s political decision to elect someone who has taken the last 116 years alone and added poor ingredients to the pot of progress. This election marked a divide in humanity. A popularity contest. And might I add… one that did not actually have a popular person on either side (but that is just me- as I believe there were some big fault lines on either side. But we allowed our personal hearts to grasp to the better of the two. For some they grasped to the winner, and the rest of us grasped to the loser). We had to muster up our values to match with the candidate we thought was better for the job. But through it all- it has nothing to do with the candidates themselves. It was that our values were demonstrating great divide. Our values as the Human Race created rifts… instead of bringing together for the greater good. The American people are either devastated or elated. And now- instead of working together, they will spend the next four years learning how to move together again. Learn how to do the shimmy or the twist.

Is this progress?


No. It’s not. It looks like “one step forward and four steps back. Not a positive dance.

All that work. All those efforts of our soldiers; our family members/ our friends/ our neighbours who fought and died for us. In one poorly educated act of painting on a wall, a decision made… it tore down all of their work. And this is just ONE example. I digress, because I do not want anything else so horrible in my blog. But humans need to see this… We VOWED we would never go back there! This is absolutely disgusting!  There is not difference in the HUMAN RACE!!! Our ancestors are of all lines. We are all connected together. There is no colour. But, if you want to argue about colour- we are a rainbow of beauty. Everyone is always mesmerized by the beauty of a rainbow. Our earth has been painted by this beauty of all different colours of people walking and moving together and most of all… working together.


This remembrance day is more important than ever. We need to now rebuild. We need to now remember the people who are no longer with us and educate properly. We need to share, speak, tell stories and not allow social media to take away the ability to have normal communication with other human beings. Everyone on this earth is part of one group… the Human Race. We cannot divide anymore. We cannot look at color. No more walls.

Love the humans, the trees, the birds, the bees.

All these “famous” people who died this year- they respected the Human Race. All the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us- they respected the Human Race.

Quotes that promote love of Human Race:

‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’– The ten commandments.

‘The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.’- David Bowie

‘Dearly beloved, we are gather here today to get through this thing called life’- Prince

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.’– Muhammed Ali

‘What is essential, is invisible to the eye’– Gene Wilder

and now saving the best for last…

‘And every breath we drew was Hallelujah’ – Leonard Cohen.

Humanity is one group. Let’s keep fighting for the unity that all those who promoted it and fought so that they do not live in vain.


nb: These are my feelings, and my opinion. Yes, with human conversation, I can be proved wrong. You may not agree with me. That’s ok. But, at the end of the day- remember- I will laugh with you, be your friend and pay for my rent on earth by being there for you and our differences. please be respectful.

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